Our Resources

Labour and equipment are the two primary resources that need to be considered when planning an infrastructure project. The main objective of accounting for these resources is to ensure that there will be no unexpected delays as a project moves ahead.

At ASICO, we believe good project management requires actively pursuing efficient utilisation of labour, material and equipment. We are committed to improving labour productivity through continuous training and pay special attention to proper material handling, which includes procurement, inventory, fabrication and field servicing. We also use new equipment and innovative methods, wherever applicable, to boost our overall performance.


Our core strength is our people and we ensure we have the best of them. We have a robust recruitment structure, with a five-stage selection procedure. Well-defined induction programme, employee orientation, an extensive human development programme and labour welfare initiatives ensure that our team is competent to deliver projects in an exacting and timely manner. We also have on-the-job technical and non-technical assessment and training to ensure our team can deliver to the expected standards.


ASICO owns high-end, calibrated equipment for measurement and monitoring purposes and our employees are well-trained to operate them. We have at our disposal larger machinery and vehicles such as mini excavators and wheel loaders.

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