Our Services

At ASICO, we cater to the needs of government, semi-government and private companies that provide power, water and telecom amenities to the end consumer. In a relatively short period of time, we have built a solid foundation and earned the trust of leading service providers and authorities in the country, including DEWA, DU, Dubai Municipality and DAMAC to name a few.

We were able to achieve this through the uncompromising quality of our service and advantages we have over our competitors.

Local experience

Our team of project managers and engineers are handpicked and has executed major infrastructure projects in the region.

Global know-how

We have adopted industry best practices to ensure that our projects are delivered on par with international standards.

Latest Equipment

We own high-end, calibrated equipment for measurement and monitoring purpose and our employees are trained to operate them.

Reliable Support Services

Our source of sustainable competitive advantage is the support services, including our procurement, health & safety and IT teams.

Below are the details of the service we offer.


Our team undertakes industrial power transmission and distribution up to 11kV, including the installation of electrical equipment up to 11kV, excavation, backfilling and reinstatement, underground cabling, testing and commissioning as per authorities’ regulations and specifications.

We execute other electrical infrastructure work like installation of electrical equipment in various 11/0.4kV substations, 11kV switching load transfer, LV cables and feeder. In addition to the 11kV network, we also construct 33 kV substation and 33kV cable connection.

ASICO Electricals department is formed of highly experienced electrical managers, engineers and supervisors all of who are approved by ADWEA, ADDC and DEWA.


Our expertise in this segment cover water as well as wastewater projects and involves chiefly construction of drainage line, sewerage network, water supply network and irrigation network.

Drainage Line & Sewerage Network

The scope of service we offer covers:

  • Designing overall schemes, such as sewer improvement schemes, flood defence programs and associated structures like pumping stations and pipework. The scale of the design may range from an initial outline to a full, detailed design depending on client requirement.
  • Carrying out suffusion for all types of mechanical underground work associated with drainage Line System and Sewerage Network. It covers trench excavation and underground construction of manholes and chambers as per the regulations and specifications mandated by the state.
  • Removal of drainage pipelines by liaising with various bodies and individuals, including local authorities, government agencies, clients, contractors, residents, suppliers, technical experts and consultants.

Water Supply Network

For portable water network, we lay 1000mm Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes and fittings, which is as per the specification of the regional authorities and standards. This work typically involves unearthing of existing water pipelines for the purpose of transferring existing house connections to the new distribution system and bring it online.

At ASICO, we have a well-defined system to describe the construction methodology and procedures for water networks and the processes we adopt are in compliance with the current DEWA standard specifications.

Irrigation Network

We have specialist knowledge in the construction of irrigation networks consisting of the main intake structure or pumping station, a conveyance system, a distribution system, a field application system, and a drainage system. We can also carry out all electro-mechanical work of the pumping stations and auxiliary infrastructure such reservoirs, roads, culverts and drains.

We use and recommend only top quality products for pipe laying and have significant experience laying uPVC pressurised PN12 pipes and fittings as per the bill of quantities and the agreed specifications. The requirements of the authorities are always considered before preparing the project quality plan to meet both regulatory and statutory requirements.


Our team, comprising of highly experienced telecommunication managers, engineers and supervisors, is approved by DU, Etisalat, GHQ and RTA-ROW department. We have previously executed fibre optic backbone projects across the UAE, including excavation, backfilling and reinstatement, manholes and ducts-laying.

The team has expertise in protection and diversion of existing telephone duct lines for major trunk communications services alterations. We also carry out demolition work, rebuilding of existing telephone manholes, provision of joint boxes and duct crossing for future development. It is worth mentioning that we also carry out all essential and supporting civil work.

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